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Printed Gift Wrap

If you have a design you would like to feature in your business or market for resale to your customers, we would be happy to discuss your project. If your company wraps customer's presents and you'd like a branded gift wrap or if you have a strong brand following, it would be fun to provide them with a branded affordable product that they can enjoy as they give or get what you are known for making.

Custom gift wrap is printed direct at the manufacturer. You need only to look at the quality and variety of the stock gift wrap patterns offered on our website to see the manufacturer's capabilities.

For pricing on custom gift wrap please contact us by filling out the form below.

What We Can Do

  • Custom printed wholesale/counter rolls with no minimums.
  • Custom printed resale rolls.
  • Spot color or 4-color process printing to cover all your design needs.
  • Hundreds of embossing patterns available for design customization
  • Custom sheeting and packaging
  • Custom printing on a wide variety of substrates – litho, holographic, foils, metalized, recycled & more.
  • Specialty coatings – flourescents, pearlescents, metallics, soft touch & more.
  • Giftwrap kitting for promotional events
  • Conversion of stock designs to resale rolls or sheets (varies by design)
  • Recoloration of stock designs



We represent many different manufacturers of giftwrap both domestic and overseas. The above list represents a good overview of their collective capabilities. Not every manufacturer can do all the above. Printing giftwrap is not a quick process, you should allow a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks to print after all project details are formalized. Larger projects, or those involving additional services such as embossing, sheeting, kitting, etc, will take longer. Projects closer to the holidays can also take longer.

Note that, while some manufacturers will print as little as a single wholesale/counter roll, the set-up costs for giftwrap are more costly than most printed items. Because of this, we recommend customers consider orders of 10,000 linear feet of giftwrap or more to reach the most cost-effective order amount.

Information below will be needed for us to get you a quote, but we can help you figure out what you need later if you're unfamiliar with the custom printing process.

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